Monday, September 28, 2009


SQLite usually will work great as the database engine for low to medium traffic websites (which is to say, 99.9% of all websites).

One of the drawbacks of SQLite is that it is not really suitable in a situation where there are several users writing at the same time to the same database, because any write operation locks the entire database.
But SQLite will handle multi-users just fine if all they're doing is reading from the database, because reading does not require a lock. Therefore SQLite can run efficiently any website that doesn't require modifying records. Or a website where 1 person is doing the editing.

The amount of web traffic that SQLite can handle depends, of course, on how heavily the website uses its database. Generally speaking, any site that gets fewer than 100K hits/day should work fine with SQLite. The 100K hits/day figure is a conservative estimate, not a hard upper bound. SQLite has been demonstrated to work with 10 times that amount of traffic.

Speed Benchmarks:

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